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Online Application Portal for St. Anthony School, Vakola

Jr. KG Admissions for 2018-19


Tonian Child Center will be conducting ONLINE APPLICATIONS for admission to Jr. K.G.  for the academic year 2018- 2019

  • The online application portal for Tonian Child Center admissions will open  from 16th December, 2017 at 11. 00 a.m. and will remain open until 16th January 2018 at 5.00 p.m.
  • Child for whom admissions is desired for Jr. K.G. has to be born between 1st August 2013 and 30th September 2014 (both days inclusive).  
  • Please do NOT submit a completed application form until you are called by the Management to do the same.

Please DO NOT FILL THE APPLICATION from a mobile device.
The application can only be completed and downloaded from a DESKTOP/LAPTOP computer.

Please note that the mobile number used to Register will be used for all communication, status updates etc. in regard to your application for admission. You will need scanned copies (jpeg or pdf files only) of the following documents in order to complete the application form.

Document Review Meeting

Please carry all the original documents and copy mentioned below for the document review meeting.


  • 1 – Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM).
  • 1 – Small Size Family photo max width 10 cm.

Certificates & Documents

  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child in ENGLISH ONLY
  • Proof of Residence
    • Ration Card of family/Telephone bill/Electricity Bill/Passport
    • Aadhar Card of father and mother
    • Aadhar card of child
  • Baptism certificate of the child seeking admission– in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name – if any)
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability

Date of Birth

Admission to Date of Birth From Date of Birth Till
Jr. K.G. 1st August 2013 30th September 2014




The link below will be active till

16 January, 2018 at 5.00 p.m.

Selection of Applicants

You will be informed via SMS/EMAIL of the status of your application as well as via the school website.

Please DO NOT Disturb the School authorities during the entire application process. There are very few seats available, so your cooperation will be appreciated.

SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0404 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0463 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0466 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0527 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0509 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0042 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0077 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0254 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0487 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0191 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0098 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0440 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0507 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0251 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0073 19 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0397 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0090 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0199 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0387 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0008 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0414 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0135 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0142 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0369 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0031 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0588 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0364 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0540 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0573 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0455 19 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0490 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0327 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0055 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0321 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0384 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0304 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0353 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0457 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0158 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0246 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0185 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0026 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0390 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0454 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0565 19 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0595 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0074 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0117 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0242 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0166 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0500 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0056 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0401 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0356 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0453 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0054 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0472 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0302 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0112 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0266 19 Feb. 12.15pm
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0091 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0041 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0109 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0352 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0551 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0315 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0102 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0111 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0292 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0461 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0504 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0515 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0223 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0146 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0003 20 Feb. 9.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0287 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0164 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0403 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0542 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0400 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0160 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0489 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0412 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0214 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0274 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0468 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0508 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0391 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0365 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0300 20 Feb. 10.00am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0580 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0227 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0332 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0473 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0195 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0372 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0075 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0161 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0179 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0177 20 Feb. 11.15am
SASVAK-1819-JrKG-0036 20 Feb. 11.15am