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Online Application Portal for Clarabelle Kindergarten

Admissions for 2018-19


The Online application portal is Closed. 



Selection of Applicants

The School will contact the applicants for a document review meeting via SMS. Please do not contact the school until then. 

Please do not disturb the school authorities during the entire application process. There are very few seats available, so your cooperation will be appreciated. You will be informed of the status of your application via SMS on the mobile numbers submitted online as part of the application.

Document Review Meeting

Please Note:

  1. Please carry all the original documents mentioned under.
  2. Both the parents along with the child should be present for the meet.
  3. Applicants having siblings must carry sibling’s previous year’s report.
  4. Applicants will be called in batches as mentioned under.


  • Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM).
  • Family photo max width 10 cm.

Certificates & Documents

  • A copy of the application form.
  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child
  • Proof of Residence
    • Ration Card of family/Telephone bill/Electricity Bill/Passport
    • Aadhar Card of father and mother
    • Aadhar card of child
  • Parent’s academic qualifications (if any)
  • Income certificate of parents
  • Baptism certificate of the child seeking admission– in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name – if any)
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability
  • In case of sibling, progress card of brother/sister will be required for document review meeting

Date of Birth

Admission to Date of Birth From Date of Birth Till
Jr. KG 1 August 2013 30 September 2014



STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0174 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0300 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0515 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0035 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0066 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0341 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0415 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0709 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0735 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0386 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0475 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0528 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0655 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0632 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0097 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0408 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0671 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0029 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0204 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0427 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0455 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0026 26th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0288 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0385 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0004 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0074 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0555 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0403 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0692 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0036 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0529 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0069 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0516 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0606 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0098 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0393 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0141 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0055 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0143 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0297 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0005 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0032 26th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0144 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0253 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0313 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0364 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0117 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0159 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0185 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0223 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0369 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0188 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0250 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0594 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0060 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0126 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0291 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0022 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0103 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0419 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0481 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0524 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0636 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0282 27th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0412 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0014 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0246 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0267 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0003 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0006 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0033 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0198 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0266 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0413 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0020 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0084 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0116 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0197 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0225 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0344 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0452 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0466 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0002 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0024 27th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0010 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0011 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0127 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0227 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0308 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0543 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0684 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0073 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0525 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0569 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0091 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0206 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0607 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0269 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0618 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0659 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0105 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0613 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0113 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0260 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0276 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0155 28th Feb 3:00PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0336 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0044 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0047 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0048 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0121 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0124 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0180 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0216 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0252 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0262 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0284 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0352 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0405 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0424 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0230 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0317 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0368 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0019 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0213 28th Feb 3:30PM
STPCHS-1819-JrKG-0238 28th Feb 3:30PM